Carpet, the ideal option for that homely feel.

Westend Flooring Specialists offer all ranges, colours and brands of Carpet for your home’s redesign. The new showroom will present a comprehensive range of fibre and wool carpets reflecting all styles, from the contemporary to the classic. Choose a statement tartan or stripe design, or textured warm eye catching design, we guarantee professionalism and satisfaction.

Types of carpets

Carpets with short, twisted and durable piles (a pile meaning the height of the carpet fiber) are therefore great for masking dirt and scuffs among other things. Shag carpet is popular for commercial use, and we have designs that offer a more aesthetic style for your homes.

Natural Wool

Soft and durable is a combination perfect for households aiming to introduce a homely feel for your family, Westend Flooring Specialists have a comprehensive range of styles and colours available to order or pick up from the show room.

Berber/ Loop

Berber and Loop carpets are usually made from nylon, olefin or wool. They are not ideal for homes with pets and are known for stain-resistance. Those with young (spillage-prone) children may opt for this type of carpet.


Patterned carpets offer a combination of cut and loop pile; the elegant patterns look as though they are “cut into” the carpet because of this mixture. Differing colours and textures involved in the patterns can easily mask dirt and scuffs.


Textured carpets are the most popular type of carpets- especially with homeowners. Their 2-tone yarn construction provides a soft and comforting feel. Textured carpets are also good at resisting dirt and soiling. These are again ideal for family homes.

What colour carpet should I choose?

Half of the carpet-choosing process is all about the colour! You obviously want the colour to match the walls and décor of the room you’re decorating, but there are some other things also worth considering.

Consider choosing colours that are timeless, rather than fleeting fashion-statement colours that you may regret in the future.

You should also think about how much dirt is likely to be tracked in on your carpet, is it in the hallway of your house, kids playroom? Probably better to choose a dark carpet to mask all those muddy shoes. Darker carpets tend to make a room feel warmer and cosier; whereas lighter carpets can really open a room making it more inviting. Consider the “feel” you want.

Bear in mind that neutral colours will make any future redecorating a lot easier!

What ever your choice Westend Flooring Specialists are here to help discuss your exciting home improvement projects.