Why choose Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) for your home project?

Luxury Vinyl Tile- commonly referred to as “LVT”- is a relatively modern type of flooring tile that has become popular with homeowners in recent years due to its versatility in aesthetics and function. Most homeowners will be aware of the plastic vinyl sheets of the 70s but LVT has been designed to be a more desirable, sophisticated and durable flooring option.

This versatile flooring product can subtly mimic the appearance of other flooring materials- due to the advances in technology LVT offers a lot of design options, along with the popular stone and tile design customers can have all colours, pebble or mosaic tile effect and this product can also be designed with 3d effects, indentations- natural wood effect, indented metal or tile grouting. Think of LVT  as the chameleon of the flooring world! Their durability and ease-of-use has made them very popular with people undertaking DIY and home improvement projects… and for good reason.

LVT is easy to clean and easy to care for. It is also naturally resistant to spills and moisture- which makes it suitable for any room in your house, including kitchens and bathrooms. Its natural warm-under-foot temperature also makes it apt for cosy living spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms. LVT’s versatile nature means that it can add to the style and ambience of any room. Those with young children can also rest assured that any food/drink spills will be very easy to clean.

Don’t want a slippery floor? Luxury Vinyl Tiles can be modified in order to make them slip-resistant. LVT also comes with an extra layer of UV-cured urethane that makes your floor resistant to scuffs, stains and scratches. Meaning you won’t have to worry about accidentally ruining the look of your LVT flooring.

Ideal for home use- LVT comes in a plethora of designs and styles to suit every room and every taste. You can opt for the classic “wooden” or “stone” looks- or perhaps choose a pattern/ design thats a bit more contemporary. The versatility of LVT makes it ideal for home projects as it can seamlessly fit into every room of your house.

So should you use LVT for your home project? All signs point to yes. The sheer availability of designs, along its durability and ease of cleaning make it a natural contender in the realm of flooring. What’s more- it’s affordable, easy to install and also easy to remove should you ever redesign your home.

There really are very little downsides to LVT- we recommend you give it a try for your next project!